Bing Energy Moves to Florida

Hi. This is Governor Rick Scott.

This week I had the privilege of welcoming Bing Energy to Florida. By moving their world headquarters to Tallahassee, they will create 244 Florida jobs.

Bing Energy chose Florida because of our pledge to cut business taxes. Their executives say they were being courted by California, Illinois and Massachusetts, but it was the plan to cut Florida’s business tax that sealed the deal.

Just as Bing Energy was convinced to bring jobs to our great state, I am talking to companies across the nation. I tell them we are cutting the business tax burden, eliminating burdensome regulation and making sure we have a world-class workforce.

This week I announced Florida’s first “Jobs Budget.” My budget follows my 7-7-7 plan to get Florida back to work and is designed to reduce state spending, lower taxes and hold your government accountable.

My budget reduces state spending by over 5-billion-dollars by saving money through streamlining state government and consolidating overlapping functions.  My budget also returns 2-billion-dollars directly to you, the taxpayers.

I invite you to learn more about my “Jobs Budget” by visiting

Let’s get to work!


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