More than 65,000 online job openings available for STEM; up nearly 14 percent over the year

Today, Governor Rick Scott announced the number of available online job openings in STEM-related (sciences, technology, engineering, and math) fields in Florida has sharply increased since last year, with more than 65,825 postings in November 2012. That is nearly a 14 percent increase since November 2011.

Governor Scott said, “As Florida’s economy continues to grow, demand for STEM related fields is increasing. Today, STEM jobs advertised online are up by nearly 14 percent from last year, providing tens of thousands of job opportunities for Florida families.  The evidence is clear – we have to ensure we make STEM education a priority for Florida children so that more Florida families have the tools they need to pursue the American Dream. Florida has a highly-skilled workforce that is uniquely prepared to fill these positions and meet the demands of the 21st century economy.”

This summer, the US Chamber of Commerce rated Florida as having the best talent pipeline in the nation to fill STEM jobs.  Additionally, more than half of Florida’s top 11th grade STEM students intend to pursue college in-state according to an October survey. 

According to the Help Wanted OnLine data series from The Conference Board, the number of STEM-related job postings in Florida in November 2012 increased by over 8,025 from the previous year. Demand was also up by 2,237 openings over October 2012, an increase of 3.5 percent. Twenty one of the state’s 24 workforce regions had higher demand for STEM over the year.

Major occupational groups with the most online ads in November were healthcare practitioners and technical occupations; computer and mathematical occupations; and architecture and engineering occupations. Online job demand for STEM was strongest in the large metro areas, led by Hillsborough County, Miami-Dade County, Orange County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Duval County.

Top Advertised STEM Occupations for Florida

Online Ads
November 2012

Online Ads
November 2011

Florida Total Ads



Registered Nurses                     19,318                     15,179
Web Developers                       4,150                       3,753
Computer Systems Analysts                       3,670                       3,604
Computer Support Specialists                       3,313                       2,839
Accountants                       3,078                       2,725
Network and Computer Systems Administrators                       2,102                       2,187
Computer Software Engineers, Applications                       2,061                       1,849
Financial Managers, Branch or Department                       1,626                       1,728
Computer Programmers                       1,573                       1,446
Industrial Engineers                       1,329                       1,440
Information Technology Project Managers                       1,124                       1,007
Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers                       1,028                           935
Physician Assistants                           974                           729
Database Administrators                           901                           825
Family and General Practitioners                           870                           740
Auditors                           848                           794
Computer and Information Systems Managers                           820                           713
Computer Systems Engineers/Architects                           783                           907
Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists                           692                           438
Financial Analysts                           648                           638

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