Today, Governor Rick Scott and First Lady Ann Scott participated in CAMACOL’s 27th Annual Christmas Basket charity event and handed out Christmas Baskets to families in need.

Governor Scott said, “Ann and I are blessed to be here today to work alongside so many volunteers to provide families with a little extra Christmas joy. This is a great time for neighbors to offer a helping hand and to bring a smile to the face of their fellow Floridians. I am also inspired to have CAMACOL as such a strong and vocal partner in my mission to create 700,000 jobs for Florida’s families.”

The Latin Chamber of Commerce of the United States, CAMACOL, is the largest Hispanic business organization in Florida and one of the most influential minority business groups in the United States. CAMACOL’s mission is to strengthen the small and minority business sectors and to facilitate activities that foster economic growth and jobs.

“We are thrilled that Governor Scott and the First Lady joined us in this noble initiative. We are also proud to be in our new building which is open to the community and houses low income seniors, as well. CAMACOL shares in the Governor’s vision of economic development and job creation. We also share in our responsibility to spread some cheer and take care of those who need it the most and this is our way of doing that. The volunteers and the basket recipients got a real boost when they saw our Governor sharing in their experience,” stated Mario O. Gutierrez, President of CAMACOL.

In 1986, during their inaugural event, CAMACOL distributed 10 Christmas Baskets. Twenty-six years later, they are helping more than 3,000 needy families in the Miami-Dade community. The bags are equipped with enough food items and beverages to feed a family of 10.



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