Governor Rick Scott signed the following bills into law today:

HB 49            Drug Paraphernalia – This bill establishes criminal penalties for knowingly selling glass pipes and bongs for smoking illegal drugs.

HB 311          Costs of Prosecution, Investigation and Representation – This bill supports efforts to stabilize Florida’s housing market.

HB 457          Collection of Worthless Payment Instruments This bill removes the burdensome paperwork requirements for collecting on worthless checks.

HB 489          Railroad Police Officers – This bill ensures uniformity of training and certification of law enforcement officers of Florida’s railroads.

HB 537          Growth Management – This bill clarifies which local initiative and referendum processes.

SB 556          Clerks of the Court – This bill codifies existing processes and procedures for the Clerks of Court relating to electronic filing of court documents, sealing and expunging records and   the redaction of confidential information from court records.

HB 585          Law Enforcement  – This bill amends statutes that relate to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, correcting statutory cross-references,modernizing terminology, and deleting obsolete provisions.

HB 611          False Reports to Law Enforcement Officers – This bill creates a third degree felony for knowingly giving false information to a law enforcement officer if the defendant has been previously convicted of such offense.

HB 617          Juvenile Justice Circuit Advisory Boards & Juvenile Justice Civil Councils – This bill re-designates juvenile justice circuit boards as juvenile

justice circuit advisory boards and removes provisions relating to the establishment of juvenile justice county councils.

HB 685          Parole Interview Dates for Certain Inmates This bill extends from two years to seven years the period between parole interview dates for inmates convicted of kidnapping or attempted kidnapping; or a burglary or robbery where a sexual act is attempted or completed.

HB 705          Targeted Economic Development – This bill includes innovation businesses among the entities eligible to receive assistance from the Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research (Institute), grants the Institute the ability to create corporate subsidiaries, and also creates the Florida Technology Seed Capital Fund.

SB 1844        Florida Health Choices Program  – This bill provides greater flexibility to the Florida Health Choices Program and provides an appropriation to assist with continuing operations.


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