As Missouri State Legislators prepare to debate the overturn of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of a $700 million tax cut, Florida Governor Rick Scott sent letters to Missouri business leaders this week urging them to book a one-way ticket to Florida.  Governor Scott is asking them to come to the Sunshine State to take advantage of Florida’s business-friendly environment.  As part of the “One-way Campaign,” Governor Scott also sent letters to business owners from Massachusetts, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, California, Connecticut, New York and Maryland

Governor Scott said, “According to a ranking of business-friendly climate by the Tax Foundation, Missouri ranks 16th in the country while Florida is one of the top 5 performing states.  And it’s unlikely to get better for Missouri, as we just saw Governor Nixon veto a $700 million tax cut for individuals and businesses. Bad news for Missouri.”

To read Governor Scott’s entire letter to the top Missouri business leaders, click HERE.

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