TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today Governor Scott issued the following statement urging parents to enroll in the Florida Prepaid Program before the end of the year to save money for their future students.  

Governor Scott said, “We know that a great job starts with a great education and that is why we work each day to make Florida the best place to get a great education at an affordable price. We have held the line on college tuition by eliminating the tuition differential, and will continue to hold that line. To ensure our students have access to an affordable and quality education, the cost of a Prepaid plan has been cut in half in the last year alone, and now stands at its lowest point since 2007. This is great news for Florida families, and we encourage more families to sign up for the plan today.”

Kevin Thompson, Executive Director of Florida Prepaid said, “If you are considering a Prepaid plan, enroll before tomorrow and Florida Prepaid will waive the $50 application fee. We look forward to continuing to work with Governor Scott to make Florida the best place to live and get a quality, affordable education.”


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