TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott signed the “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget for Fiscal Year 2015-2016. The “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget:

  • Cuts Taxes
    • The “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget cuts more than $427 million in taxes, including cutting the cellphone and TV tax, the tax on college textbooks, and providing a 10-day back-to-school sales tax holiday.
  • Invests in Education
    • Historic total of $19.7 billion in funding for K-12 public school education, including $10.9 billion in state funding for the highest amount ever. The per-student amount is $7,097 – an increase of $207 (three percent).
    • Historic level of performance funding for higher education, ($400 million for universities and $40 million for colleges), historic total funding of $4.5 billion for state universities, and historic total funding of $2 billion for state colleges.
  • Grows the Economy
    • Florida has created 879,000 private-sector jobs in four and a half years. The “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget invests $9.3 billion in transportation projects to continue this growth. This includes $633.6 million for resurfacing more than 2,493 lane miles and $244.8 million for repairs to 94 bridges and the replacement of 16 more.
  • Protects the Environment
    • The “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget invests $3.5 billion in funding for agricultural and natural resources. This includes $71.5 million for increased land management and Florida Forever, and more than $500 million for projects to improve the quality and quantity of our water – including $106 million for Everglades restoration and a record $45 million for springs protection.
  • Keeps Families Healthy
    • Record investments totaling $1.2 billion for the Agency of Persons with Disabilities, including over $40 million to remove more than 2,000 individuals from the waiting list.
  • Builds Strong Communities
    • To keep Florida’s crime rate at a 44-year low, the “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget invests $4.8 billion for public safety.

Click here for the Governor’s transmittal letter, budget highlights and veto message.

Click here for a list of vetoes in the “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget.

Click here for the transmittal letter filed today for the Implementing and Conforming bills.



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