~ Also Highlights Additional Funding for DJJ ~

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott highlighted a total of $84.9 million for prevention programs under the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, including an additional $2.1 million in the ‘KEEP FLORIDA WORKING’ budget for the PACE Center for Girls.

Governor Rick Scott said, “Thanks to the dedication of our law enforcement officers and the great youth service providers across the state, Florida’s juvenile arrests are at their lowest levels in 30 years. We are proud to invest nearly $85 million this year to improve the lives of Florida’s youth. By working together, we can continue to ensure that every child in Florida is given the opportunity to achieve their dreams.”

The Governor highlighted the following five programs today receiving additional funding:

  • PACE Center for Girls – $18 million in total funding to provide girls & young women with more opportunities to receive an education, counseling and advocacy.
  • Boys and Girls Clubs – $5.5 million in total state funding for Boys and Girls Clubs to continue providing opportunities for youth across the state.
  • AMIKids – $3.25 million to provide additional resources for programs that teach youth life skills for a brighter future.
  • Parenting with Love and Limits – $250,000 to programs that focuses on intervention with youth that exhibit emotional and behavioral problems.
  • Kinder Vision/The Greatest Save – $150,000 for additional educational materials for middle and high school students to understand the dangers of sexual predators.

Mary Marx, President and CEO, PACE Center for Girls, said, “PACE Center for Girls is proud of the partnership we have with the Governor and Legislature. Our program has transformed the lives of more than 37,000 middle and high school aged girls in Florida who were deemed at-risk for juvenile delinquency. Our impact and our results are sustainable and we have the Governor and Legislature to thank for making it possible.”

Secretary Christina Daly, Department of Juvenile Justice, said, “I want to thank Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature for their leadership in recognizing the necessity for early intervention and prevention services for the youth in our state. The “KEEP FLORIDA WORKING” budget underscores the importance of keeping our kids out of the juvenile justice system, thus allowing them to achieve their full potential and setting them on the path towards a better and brighter future.”

Senate President Andy Gardiner said, “Organizations like the PACE Center for Girls provide excellent services for young Floridians, while encouraging them to do their best. I am thankful we have a Governor and Legislature who have consistently supported their efforts and continue to equip similar groups dedicated to making a lasting impact on our youth.”

House Speaker Steve Crisafulli said, “The Legislature is proud to work with Governor Scott and the DJJ and its great partners to make a positive difference for Florida’s youth. With an additional $2.1 million, the PACE Center for Girls will be able to help even more teens across the state by providing them with the services they need to succeed.”

Representative Travis Cummings said, “I applaud Governor Scott for expanding the funding for the PACE Center for Girls by over $2 million this year. I am grateful for organizations like the PACE Center for looking out for Florida teens.”

Representative Pat Rooney said, “Governor Scott’s commitment of nearly $18 million for the PACE Center is great news for youth in our state. Along with many other great programs, DJJ’s additional funding will provide additional education and opportunities for young Floridians.”

Representative MaryLynn Magar said, “Thanks to the work of Governor Scott and the many advocates of Florida’s youth across Florida, organizations like the PACE Center and the Boys and Girls Club can receive the resources they need to continue the great work that they do.”

Senator Joe Negron said, “An additional $2.1 million for the PACE Center for Girls will provide more opportunities for young women to achieve their dreams in Florida and receive the support they need.”



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