TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott signed the following 20 bills into law.

HB 153          The Healthy Food Financing Initiative – This bill directs the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to establish the Healthy Food Financing Initiative program.

HB 221          Health Care Services – This bill protects patients from paying unexpected bills for out-of-network services and provides additional treatment options for individuals with Down syndrome.

HB 287          The Principal Autonomy Pilot Program Initiative – This bill creates the Principal Autonomy Pilot Program Initiative to provide additional professional development training for school principals.

HB 423          Access to Health Care Services – This bill allows Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to prescribe certain controlled substances.

HB 447          Local Government Environmental Financing – This bill refers to the Florida Keys Stewardship Act and provides funding for water resource projects and land acquisition in the Florida Keys.

HB 491          Water and Wastewater – This bill revises the current framework for governing water and wastewater utilities.

HB 585          Instruction for Homebound and Hospitalized Students – This bill streamlines the process for school districts to provide educational instruction to homebound and hospitalized students.

HB 821          Reimbursement of Assessments – This bill prohibits representatives who assist veterans in applying for benefits from charging the veteran an administrative fee.

HB 931          Operations of the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation – This bill revises various provisions relating to the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.

HB 941          The Department of Health – This bills amends various practice acts related to health professions and occupations.

HB 977          Behavioral Health Workforce – This bill allows psychiatric Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners to prescribe certain controlled substances and expands eligibility for providers in a substance abuse program.

HB 981          Administrative Procedures – This bill clarifies the timeframe for agencies to evaluate the economic impact of administrative rules.

HB 1075        State Areas – This bill revises acquisition, management and surplus processes for state-owned lands and other state areas.

HB 1175        Transparency in Health Care – This bill requires hospitals to post their prices and average payments online.

HB 1305        Emergency Allergy Treatment in Schools – This bill provides schools with cost-saving options for acquiring epinephrine auto-injectors.

HB 7019        Education Access and Affordability – This bill promotes college affordability by providing tuition and fee transparency, textbook cost predictability, oversight of graduate school tuition, and accountability of Florida’s higher education system.

HB 7029        Education – This bill expands educational options for students and parents in prekindergarten, K-12, and higher education.

HB 7053        Early Childhood Development – This bill revises health and safety requirements for school readiness program providers.

HB 7061        Transportation – This bill makes various changes to the Department of Transportation and the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, including implementing “Chloe’s Law” which provides additional roadside safety measures.

HB 7087        Health Care – This bill creates the Telehealth Advisory Council within the Agency for Health Care Administration.

To view a copy of the transmittal letter, click HERE.



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