BOCA RATON, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott hosted a ceremonially bill signing for SB 716, which establishes the Florida Holocaust Memorial to recognize and commemorate the millions of people, including six million Jews, murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators before and during World War II in Europe. This bill will create a memorial at the Florida Capitol Complex where all Floridians can honor the survivors and solemnly remember the victims of the Holocaust.

Governor Scott said, “Over the years, Florida and Israel have joined together in support of peace and security for our families- which is incredibly significant when we remember the horrors of the Holocaust. Florida is home to many Holocaust survivors and their families, and this bill will help create a memorial to not only recognize the victims of the Holocaust, but also remind us of the importance of confronting all forms of hatred and bigotry.

“I commend bill sponsors Senator Eleanor Sobel and Representative Jared Moskowitz, all of the legislative leaders who worked to pass this bill in honor of the innocent lives that were lost and with the promise that we will never forget this act of injustice.”

Senator Eleanor Sobel said, “This bill is a promise to Holocaust victims, survivors and their family members that the State of Florida will never allow the memory of this horrific event to weaken. I am grateful to Governor Scott for quickly signing this legislation and to all the individuals who worked so hard to support it.”

Representative Jared Moskowitz said, “Someday, we will not have witnesses to remind us of the tragedies of the Holocaust and the importance of fighting against intolerance. I appreciate Governor Scott and my fellow Legislators for their work creating the Florida Holocaust Memorial to educate Florida’s future generations and keep the memory of those affected by the Holocaust alive.”

Representative Katie Edwards said, “I extend tremendous thanks to Governor Scott, my fellow Legislative leaders, and all of those who worked to support the passage of this bill and the creation of the Florida Holocaust Memorial. We will forever remember the victims of the Holocaust and stand up together against acts of violence and hatred.”

Representative Kevin Rader said, “With recent world events, we have seen that while evil still exists in this world, it is up to us to confront acts of hatred and violence. Thanks to Governor Scott and my fellow members of the Legislature, we will soon have the Florida Holocaust Memorial to forever remind us of this invaluable lesson.”

Senator Maria Sachs said, “I am honored to have been a part of the passage of this legislation, which will stand in our Capitol in honor of the many innocent lives lost and families torn apart by the Holocaust. Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature have a strong history of standing up for Israel and the Jewish people, and I am proud that will continue through the creation of the Florida Holocaust Memorial.”


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