TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, during a meeting of the Florida Cabinet, Governor Rick Scott recognized co-founders of Fracture, Inc., CEO Abhi Lokesh and CTO Alex Theodore, with the Governor’s Young Entrepreneur Award. Fracture, Inc. was founded in Gainesville in 2008, and is a modern photo décor company that specializes in photo printing directly onto glass surfaces. The company employs more than 35 Floridians and plans to continue growing.

Governor Scott said, “Abhi and Alex have worked very hard to create a successful and innovative business in Florida. I am proud to recognize them today with the Young Entrepreneur Award and look forward to seeing Fracture, Inc. continue to grow.”

Abhi Lokesh, CEO and co-founder of Fracture, Inc., said, “We are honored to be recognized with the Young Entrepreneur Award from Governor Rick Scott. Our team at Fracture works very hard to create a product that our customers will enjoy and we are excited to experience even more success this year. Florida is home to many young entrepreneurs and we are proud to receive this award today.”

Alex Theodore, CTO and co-founder of Fracture, Inc., said, “It’s exciting to be recognized by Governor Rick Scott today for starting our own business. We have tirelessly worked to foster a spirit of excellence at Fracture and have seen our customer base continue to expand. Thanks to Florida’s business-friendly environment, our company has the opportunity to keep growing.”

For more information about Fracture, Inc., visit www.fractureme.com/. To learn more about the Governor’s Young Entrepreneur Award, visit HireFloridaGrads.com.



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