Orlando International Airport partnering with businesses to help families

ORLANDO, Fla. – Today, Governor Scott is applauding the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority at the Orlando International Airport for partnering with airlines and the airport community, working through the City’s Emergency Operations and Family Assistance Centers, to help families of those injured or killed in the Orlando terror attack.  These centers serve as a coordination point for families when they arrive in Orlando to have access to resources that will address their specific needs throughout their stay in the Central Florida area.

Governor Rick Scott said “I want to thank the Orlando International Airport community for coming together with such an overwhelming show of support.  You cannot imagine this happening to any family and I applaud the Orlando International Airport community for making travel to Orlando for these grieving families as easy as possible.”

American, Delta, Jet Blue, Southwest, and United Airlines to date have assisted thousands with complimentary travel to family and friends so they could care for those injured or killed.  Ground Transportation providers such as Lynx, Mears Transportation and Uber have moved those affected from not only the airport but throughout the city, county, and region.  Local hotels and Airbnb have also reached out offering and providing complimentary lodging.


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