BRADENTON, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott announced that he will be in Washington D.C. on September 6th to meet with members of Congress to discuss the immediate need for funding to combat the Zika virus.

Governor Scott said, “Since Congress decided to go on a seven-week vacation, the state of Florida has been hard at work combating the Zika virus. I will travel to Washington D.C. to meet with members of Congress on the day they return to work to make sure they immediately get something done on this urgent issue. During Congress’s vacation, we have identified 43 cases of locally acquired Zika in four Florida counties. The Zika virus demands immediate federal action and I will impress upon our congressional members the urgency to protect our residents and visitors.

“Earlier this summer, following the federal government’s failure to act and fund this national issue, I authorized more than $26 million in emergency state funds for Zika prevention and response. Today, more than $23 million of those funds have been allocated to local mosquito control and Zika preparedness efforts in our state.

“The health and safety of Florida’s families cannot be overshadowed by partisan politics. Our state has several requests that the Obama Administration has repeatedly failed to fulfill and I expect the president to work with his federal agencies and Congress to fully fulfill these requests quickly. I work hand in hand with our Florida Legislature to do what is best for Florida’s families and we expect the president and Congress to do the same.”

The Florida Department of Health still believes ongoing active transmission is only taking place within the small identified areas in Wynwood and Miami Beach in Miami-Dade County and will provide updates on the ongoing investigations in Pinellas and Palm Beach counties as they conclude. For more information on the Zika virus, please call our Zika Virus Information Hotline at 855-622-6735.

Click HERE to see a detailed timeline of actions taken by Governor Scott to combat the Zika virus in Florida.

(Original Wynwood perimeter included for reference. Smaller shaded area in Wynwood remains under investigation.)


(Original zone perimeter included for reference. Smaller shaded area in Wynwood remains under investigation.)




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