NAPLES, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott was briefed by the Florida Division of Emergency Management (DEM) and the National Hurricane Center (NHC) on Hurricane Matthew, a major category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 140 miles per hour. The state will continue to hold twice daily calls with the NHC and all 67 Florida counties as the storm approaches to ensure every local community has all available resources to prepare and respond to Hurricane Matthew.

Governor Rick Scott said, “This is a serious and life threatening storm. I was just briefed on the developments of Hurricane Matthew as it moves through the Caribbean Sea. I also just spoke with county emergency management officials who are working in our local communities to ensure our state is prepared for the potential impacts of this major hurricane. This storm is catastrophic, and if it hits our state, we could see impacts that we have not seen in many years. Even though the storm’s projected path is just east of our state, no one should take this lightly. Storms change fast and Hurricane Matthew could hit Florida as early as Wednesday. At this time, there have been no evacuations ordered in Florida, but that could change quickly. Please stay alert and watch your local news and listen to your local officials for protective actions and emergency messages. I urge everyone to visit to get prepared before the weekend is over. Make sure to have three days of food and water, flashlights, batteries and a battery powered radio.”

Florida Division of Emergency Management Director Bryan Koon said, “Hurricane Matthew continues to pose a significant threat to Florida. I encourage everyone to take this potential threat seriously. Even if this storm does not make direct landfall, the significant risks of rip currents and severe weather will still exist. Take this time to ensure you and your family have a plan to remain safe, by visiting to assist in preparing for any possible impacts from this very dangerous storm.”



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