TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott issued executive orders reassigning 21 first degree murder cases in the Ninth Judicial Circuit to State Attorney Brad King. State Attorney Aramis Ayala has been removed from these cases in the interest of justice following her recent decision and public announcement to not consider capital punishment during her time in office, regardless of the individual facts and circumstances in any case. To view the executive orders, click HERE.

Governor Scott said, “Each of these cases I am reassigning represents a horrific loss of life. The families who tragically lost someone deserve a state attorney who will take the time to review every individual fact and circumstance before making such an impactful decision. Some of the victims include a teenager whose life was taken before he could bravely testify as a witness to a dangerous crime, a single mother who was abducted and killed as she called for help, and a young child whose life was brutally cut short. I cannot imagine the pain their families endure each day and we will do all we can to aggressively fight for justice.

“State Attorney Ayala’s complete refusal to consider capital punishment for the entirety of her term sends an unacceptable message that she is not interested in considering every available option in the fight for justice. In the interest of justice, I am using my executive authority today to reassign these cases to State Attorney Brad King. State Attorney King has accepted the duty of reviewing each case in accordance with the law.”

Attorney General Pam Bondi said, “I would like to commend Governor Rick Scott for his swift action for not only protecting citizens of Orlando but standing up for all crime victims and their families.”




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