BOCA RATON, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott signed HB 7109, the “Tax Cut Package” which will cut $180 million in taxes for Florida families and businesses. This brings the total of taxes cut since Governor Scott has been in office to $6.7 billion. Here’s what Florida leaders are saying:


Senate President Joe Negron said, “I am pleased to see this comprehensive tax relief package become law. Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature have worked together for the last several years to reduce the tax burden facing Florida families and businesses in a broad-based and meaningful way. This good bill furthers that commitment.”


House Speaker Richard Corcoran said, “I’m grateful to all the members of the Florida House for their hard work on HB 7109 and to Governor Scott for signing it into law today. This tax cut package is a big win for every Floridian. It means real money back into the hands of families and businesses.”


Bryan Koon, Director of Florida Division of Emergency Management, said, “This tax cut will ensure that folks can obtain everything they need in order to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season. I encourage all Floridians to take advantage of this great opportunity and save money while building their disaster supply kits.”


Tom Feeney, President and CEO of Associated Industries of Florida, said, “I’d like to thank Governor Scott for his commitment to keeping Florida competitive and making it easier for businesses to thrive in our state. The reduction in the business rent tax will help Florida job creators continue to grow so they create even more opportunities for families across the Sunshine State.”


Bill Herrle, Executive Director of the National Federation of Independent Business said, “I applaud Governor Scott for signing this important bill to help Florida businesses thrive in our state. Every tax cut allows our job creators to reinvest more of their hard-earned money into growing their businesses and creating more jobs for our families, which is great news for our entire state.”


Frank Walker, Vice President of Government Affairs for the Florida Chamber of Commerce, said, “The signing of this year’s tax package marks the first step in what we hope will be the eventual complete elimination of the business rent tax. With his signature today, Governor Rick Scott once again demonstrated his commitment to reducing the tax burden on Florida families and local businesses.”


Florida Retail Federation President & CEO R. Scott Shalley said, “We are grateful to Governor Scott for signing these important tax measures that will allow retailers, consumers, and other businesses to see their money stretch farther and help grow this economy. The .2 percent reduction in the business rent tax will allow small businesses to keep more of their own revenue, allowing them to reinvest those funds and create jobs. The 3-day sales tax holiday for disaster preparedness will encourage both consumers and retailers to properly prepare for and purchase the supplies they need in the event of a hurricane, or other natural disaster. Lastly, the 3-day sales tax holiday for back-to-school is always incredibly successful as families are able to purchase more of the supplies their children need for the upcoming school year including expensive technology such as computers and tablets. All three of these tax relief measures will provide significant economic benefits to Florida families and business owners, and we thank Governor Scott for signing this important legislation into law.”


Maria Wells, 2017 President of the Florida Realtors, said, “I applaud Governor Scott for signing this bill and making these tax cuts a reality for Florida families. From a Realtor perspective, I am particularly excited about the first-ever cut to the business rent tax. The business community has been working to advance this tax cut for several years and this is a tremendous success for Florida Realtors and the entire Business Rent Tax Coalition. When businesses grow, communities prosper.”


Florida TaxWatch President and CEO Dominic M. Calabro said, “I’d like to thank Governor Scott for signing HB 7109 into law today. This tax package is a win for state taxpayers, reducing their tax burden and allowing them to make their own decisions on how their hard-earned money is spent. The package addresses the onerous business rent tax, a long-standing TaxWatch recommendation, which is the only statewide sales tax on commercial leases in the nation and establishes beneficial sales tax holidays for back-to-school and disaster preparedness.”


3Cinteractive Founder and CEO John Duffy said, “We as a Florida based business are thankful that Governor Scott signed this bill today. We are glad that the Governor is cutting taxes for commercial leases, as this will help our business invest money back into our community”.






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