TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott signed the following bills into law:

HB 1A Economic Development – This bill establishes the new $85 million Florida Job Growth Grant Fund to promote public infrastructure and individual job training. It also fully funds VISIT FLORIDA at $76 million and implements new accountability and transparency measures to VISIT FLORIDA and Enterprise Florida (EFI).


HB 3A Florida Education Finance Program – This bill secures the highest per-student K-12 funding in state history, increasing funding by $100 per student, for a total of $20.6 billion for K-12 public schools included in the Fighting for Florida’s Future Budget.


CS/CS/CS/HB 15 Educational Options – This bill expands the Gardiner Scholarship Program for students with unique abilities and increases the scholarship amounts for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program.


CS/HB 335 Resource Recovery and Management – This bill creates guidelines for the resource recovery and management of certain plastic materials.


CS/CS/HB 361 Bail Bonds – This bill revises the responsibilities of bail bond agents and the requirements for a bond to be forfeited and discharged.


CS/CS/HB 557 Controlled Substance Prescribing – This bill modifies reporting requirements to the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.


CS/CS/HB 699 Internet Identifiers – This bill increases registration requirements for sexual predators and sexual offenders.


HB 781 Designation of School Grades – This bill provides greater opportunities for K-3 schools to receive school recognition funding.


CS/CS/CS/HB 785 Stroke Centers – This bill makes additional resources and services available to stroke patients and creates a statewide stroke data registry to further improve care.


CS/CS/HB 807 Practices of Substance Abuse Service Providers – This bill enhances oversight on licensure and regulation of substance abuse service providers.


CS/HB 899 Comprehensive Transitional Education Programs – This bill authorizes the Agency for Persons with Disabilities to initiate receivership proceedings for Comprehensive Transitional Education Programs (CTEPs).


CS/CS/HB 925 Department of Financial Services – This bill updates regulation procedures and requirements within the Department of Financial Services.


CS/CS/HB 981 Public Records/Department of Elderly Affairs – This bill creates a public record exemption for identifying information in connection with a complaint investigation.


CS/CS/HB 989 Instructional Materials – This bill allows greater public input and transparency in the K-12 instructional materials adoption process.


CS/CS/CS/HB 1007 Prohibited Insurance Acts – This bill establishes uniform fraud prevention standards for insurance companies.


CS/HB 1009 Public Records/Insurance Fraud Information/Department of Financial Services – This bill provides a public record exemption for information relating to the investigation of insurance fraud.


HB 1031 Marine Turtle Protection This bill amends a cross-reference in the Marine Turtle Protection Act.


CS/HB 1041 Laboratory Screening – This bill revises provisions to enhance the Lead Screening Program, the Newborn Screening Program and laboratory screening requirements.


CS/HB 1049 Limited Access and Toll Facilities – This bill requires the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority to reduce tolls for SunPass users, dedicate surplus toll revenues to area transportation projects, and justify proposed toll increases.


HB 1051 Forensic Hospital Diversion Pilot Program – This bill authorizes the Department of Children and Families to implement a Forensic Hospital Diversion Pilot Program in Okaloosa County.


CS/HB 1079 Public Records and Meetings/Campus Emergency Response for Public Postsecondary Educational Institutions – This bill creates a public record and public meeting exemption for information associated with the campus emergency response of state colleges and universities.


CS/CS/HB 1107 Public Records/Workers’ Compensation/Department of Financial Services – This bill creates a public record exemption for the identifying information of an injured or deceased employee held by the Department of Financial Services.


CS/HB 1109 Private School Student Participation in Extracurricular Activities – This bill increases opportunities for private school students to participate in sports at public schools.


CS/CS/HB 1175 Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and Dealers – This bill ensures fair compensation of motor vehicle dealers with updated facilities and prevents motor vehicle manufacturers from taking unsupported, punitive actions against dealers.


CS/CS/HB 1237 Condominiums – This bill makes changes to the regulation and operation of condominium associations to provide greater transparency and accountability for unit owners. 


HB 1239 School Bus Safety –  This bill creates the Cameron Mayhew Act which provides additional penalties for failing to stop for a school bus and causing serious bodily injury or death.


CS/HB 1347 Application of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act to Credit Unions – This bill exempts credit unions from the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.


HB 5203 Prescription Drug Monitoring Program – This bill permanently authorizes the Department of Health to implement the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program using state funds.


HB 7097 Direct Support Organization of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program – This bill extends the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Direct Support Organization to October 2027.


To view the transmittal letters, click HERE.

The Governor vetoed the following bills:



CS/CS/HB 277 Wills and Trusts To view the veto letter, click HERE.


CS/CS/CS/HB 653 Community Associations – To view the veto letter, click HERE.


CS/CS/HB 747 Mortgage Regulation – To view the veto letter, click HERE.


CS/CS/HB 937 Warnings for Lottery Games – To view the veto letter, click HERE.


HB 5301 State Agency Information Technology Reorganization – To view the veto letter, click HERE.






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