ORLANDO, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott applauded the opportunity for Venezuelans to make their opposition against the Maduro Regime known through a straw poll this weekend. The straw poll is being hosted for Venezuelan citizens across the globe in response to efforts by the Maduro regime to rewrite the Venezuelan constitution to further support his own brutal dictatorship.

Governor Scott said, “This Sunday, the Venezuelan people have an opportunity to make their voices heard and send a powerful message of unity against Maduro and his gang of thugs. The State of Florida is fully committed to proudly standing side-by-side with the people of Venezuela who are bravely fighting for freedom and democracy. Maduro’s consistent rejection of democratic principles in favor of oppression and violence cannot be tolerated. That is why, in August, I will propose that the State of Florida be prohibited from doing business with any organization that supports the Maduro dictatorship. Floridians will continue to rally together with the Venezuelan people to support their right to freedom.”



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