MIAMI, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott met with world leaders for the 2017 Latin American Summit and announced a major legislative proposal for the upcoming legislative session which will strictly prohibit the State of Florida, including all state agencies, from investing in any company that is doing business with Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro’s oppressive government. Earlier this year, the SBA unanimously approved Governor Scott’s proposed resolution to prohibit the State of Florida from investments connected to the Maduro regime.

Governor Scott said, “In Florida, we have been absolutely clear – the brutal government of Nicolas Maduro must end and the people of Venezuela must be given total freedom and democracy now. Earlier this year, my resolution was passed by the State Board of Administration to make sure that Florida state investments do not support the Maduro regime. Now, we are building on this action. Today, I’m proud to announce that during the upcoming legislative session, I will propose additional measures to continue to advocate for human rights and democracy for the people of Venezuela. My new proposal holds the Maduro regime accountable by making the steps we took this year permanent in Florida law. It also extends this action to all state agencies, prohibiting Florida’s state government from investing in any company doing business with the regime. I also call on all local governments and businesses to do what I’m advocating for at the state level and not do business with those that support the Maduro Regime. Companies can choose to either support the Maduro Regime, or to seek investments from the State of Florida – not both.

“Let me be clear- this proposal is aimed squarely at the Maduro regime – not businesses who provide much needed goods and services to the Venezuelan people. Florida continues to stand with the people of Venezuela and steadfast against any government that oppresses its people and denies freedom and human rights.”

Details on Governor Scott’s proposed legislation will be available in the coming weeks.



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