NAPLES, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott applauded the work of the Trump Administration on the announcement of new sanctions against ten Maduro government officials. Earlier this year, the SBA unanimously approved Governor Scott’s proposed resolution to prohibit the State of Florida from investments to benefit the Maduro regime. Currently, the Governor’s proposal to further this state policy has been filed in the Florida Legislature.

Governor Scott said, “For far too long, Nicolas Maduro has put his desire to stay in power above the needs of his people. I am glad that the Trump Administration has taken further action to hold this dictator and his regime accountable. As Maduro continues to brutally oppress the people of Venezuela, I will continue to do everything I can to help bring freedom and democracy to the millions of Venezuelans suffering at the hands of this ruthless dictator.

“In Florida, we’ve been clear that we stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela who are struggling for their freedom. We have taken action to prohibit the state from making investments that benefit the Maduro regime, and we are working to make our recent action even stronger. We work relentlessly to shine a light on Maduro’s crimes against his people and the need for freedom and democracy in Venezuela. Today, we renew our call for Maduro to step down and completely release all political prisoners now.”



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