TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Governor Rick Scott today issued the following statement following the Florida Senate unanimously voting in support of HB 359. HB 359 was also passed unanimously in the Florida House of Representatives in January and advances Governor Scott’s proposal to strictly prohibit the State of Florida, including all state agencies, from investing in any company that is doing business with Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro’s oppressive government. See Governor Scott’s announcement of this proposal HERE.

Governor Scott said, “With the passage of this landmark legislation, Florida continues its commitment to the people of Venezuela who are fighting for freedom and democracy. This legislation will prohibit all state agencies from investing in the Venezuelan government and puts even more financial pressure on the Maduro regime by stopping any future state investment with them. I want to thank Senate President Joe Negron and House Speaker Richard Corcoran, as well as sponsors Senator Rene Garcia and Speaker Pro Tempore Jeanette Nunez, for their great work on this important bill. Together, we will continue to shine a light on the unacceptable political tyranny and violence that is inflicted by Maduro and his ruthless thugs. We need to do everything we can to help stop these injustices and Florida stands with the people of Venezuela.”

Senator Rene Garcia said, “It was an honor to sponsor this important piece of legislation. HB 359 shows that Florida continues to stand strong against the brutal Maduro regime and any business that supports their oppressive leadership. We will continue fighting for human rights and democracy for our friends in Venezuela.”

Florida House Speaker Pro Tempore Jeanette Nunez said, “This legislation strengthens Florida’s opposition to Maduro’s brutal and oppressive regime. I want to thank Governor Scott on his leadership and commitment to the Venezuelan people. Together, we will keep fighting to bring democracy to the people of Venezuela.”



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