MIAMI, Fla. — Today, Governor Rick Scott announced that the Miami area added 13,700 new private-sector jobs in the last year, the fourth-highest number of jobs among all Florida metro areas. The unemployment rate in Miami was 4.2 percent in April down 0.5 percentage point from one year ago. Statewide, Florida businesses created 8,300 new jobs in April bringing the total number of new private-sector jobs created in Florida to more than 1.5 million since December 2010.

The industries with the highest growth over the year in the Miami area were manufacturing with 6,200 new jobs and construction with 5,700 new jobs. The area continued to rank third among the state’s metro areas in job demand with 31,980 openings in April, and once again offered the third-highest number of high-skill, high-wage STEM jobs with 7,415 online ads.

As of April, Florida’s unemployment rate remains low at 3.9 percent, a drop of 6.9 percentage points since December 2010; this drop is faster than the national decline of 5.4 percentage points. In the last year, 125,000 people entered Florida’s labor force, a growth of 1.2 percent, which is greater than the national labor force growth rate of only 0.8 percent.

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