KUWAIT – During his visit to Camp Buehring, Governor Rick Scott awarded four Florida Army Reserve National Guard soldiers with the Governor’s Medal of Merit.

Governor Scott said: “It’s an honor to be in Kuwait to award these brave Florida National Guard soldiers with the Medal of Merit in recognition of their service to our country. I believe we must take every opportunity we can to thank these service men and women for dedicating their lives to serving our state and country. It has been a distinct honor to spend time with the distinguished men and women of Bravo Battery 3-116 this week.”

The following servicemen and women were awarded the Governor’s Medal of Merit:

First Sergeant Raul Rodriguez: Currently his fourth deployment, First Sergeant Raul Rodriguez has a more than 30-year career with the Florida Army National Guard and will be retiring with 32 years of service upon his return. First Sergeant Rodriguez lives in Ft. Meade, FL with his wife Gloria. Together they have three adult children and several grandchildren.

Staff Sergeant Christopher Crites: An outstanding chief and dedicated NCO, Staff Sergeant Christopher Crites is currently on his 3rd deployment with the Florida Army National Guard. He has served for more than 18 years and is retiring soon. He leads the platoon’s ammunition team and is the 3rd launcher chief. Staff Sergeant Crites lives in North Port, FL with his wife and four children, and works as a corrections officer for the Charlotte Sheriff’s Office.

Sergeant Darius Williams: Sergeant Darius Williams has led ammunition training while deployed at Camp Buehring and was essential to the success of the 3rd Platoon achieving Ammunition Certification. He is a dedicated serviceman who is always looking for ways to help his fellow soldiers. Sergeant Williams lives in Avon Park, FL with his girlfriend and son.

First Lieutenant Jessica Garey: First Lieutenant Jessica Garey joined Bravo Battery 3-116 in December 2017, just 30 days before they were set to deploy. She has been invaluable to her unit, learning complex new systems and training her subordinates and extends her positive influence outside the chain of command, often directly impacting her unit’s success. First Lieutenant Garey lives in Jacksonville with her husband and son.





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