TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott provided the following update regarding the state’s efforts to assist and provide resources to Southeastern states being impacted by Hurricane Florence. Earlier this week, Governor Scott spoke with the Governors of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia to offer support. The State Emergency Response Team has been in constant contact with these states to fulfill any requests they have for assistance.

Governor Scott said, “Floridians understand the devastating impact that serious weather events can have, and we will continue to stand with our neighboring states as they face Florence. Beginning this week, we have provided aid and resources to help the response and recovery efforts from this massive storm. On behalf of all Floridians, we’re proud to offer support and we are praying for everyone in the path of Florence and our first responders who are working to save lives.”

At the request of North and South Carolina, Governor Scott issued an emergency order today to allow the state to waive requirements and rules to allow caregivers and their patients to be able to more easily evacuate to Florida. Currently there are 5,500 Florida National Guard troops available for deployment. Although there are currently no requests for their deployment, the Guard will continue to stand ready.

View the emergency order HERE.

The State of Florida is taking the following actions in support of states impacted by Hurricane Florence (updates are highlighted in yellow):

  • Governor Scott has issued an emergency order to allow hospital patients and their caregivers to more easily evacuate to Florida.
  • 17 Florida Army National Guard Team members from the 101st Air Operations Group in Tyndall Air Force Base are supporting air coordination for Florence.
  • Select senior Florida National Guard leadership are being deployed to support Hurricane Florence response.
  • 26 Florida counties have personnel or resources deployed to assist with Hurricane Florence response.
  • Florida disaster volunteers and donation personnel are deploying and placing multiple resources on standby.
  • A DEM Public Assistance Specialist has been deployed to South Carolina to assist with coordination of public assistance programs.
  • Two Urban Search and Rescue teams have been deployed to North and South Carolina in response to Hurricane Florence.
  • Florida Department of Health has deployed a Nursing Strike Team of 29 individuals to North Carolina to assist with their special needs sheltering operations.
  • Five Ambulance Strike Teams are deploying to North Carolina to assist with medical evacuations.
  • Three teams of emergency management specialists from the Florida State Emergency Response Team are deploying to North Carolina to assist with operations and planning in response to the storm.
  • Florida utility companies are sending multiple crews to stage and prepare for post-impact restoration of power. More than 2,000 personnel have deployed as of Wednesday.
  • The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has coordinated with the Florida Highway Patrol and Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to allow emergency supply and response vehicles to bypass all FDOT weigh stations through September 17, 2018.
  • The state has suspended the requirements for transportation of animals across state lines to assist in the safe transfer of livestock.
  • Several Florida volunteer teams from the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross and the Florida Baptists have deployed personnel to assist impacted populations. The American Red Cross from Florida is also deploying 120 volunteers and seven Emergency Response Vehicles to impacted states as of Friday.
  • VISIT FLORIDA, in partnership with Expedia, has activated its Emergency Accommodation Module as a resource to assist evacuees seeking accommodations in Florida. com/Florida provides accommodations availability information.






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