On Monday, September 23rd, Governor Scott sent a letter to the State Board of Education to direct the Commissioner of Education to end Florida’s fiscal agent relationship with PARCC and to issue a competitive solicitation to select Florida’s next state assessment. The Department of Education will choose the best assessment for Florida to ensure students are held to high standards. (PARCC will be able to compete in this process.)

Ending Florida’s fiscal agent relationship with PARCC will prevent the state from being unduly influenced to choose PARCC as the state’s assessment. Withdrawing from the fiscal relationship with PARCC will also prevent further federal involvement because PARCC is a federally funded test, which currently requires the state to meet federally established deadlines and other federal criteria. Florida should be in the driver’s seat when choosing the best assessment for the state to ensure high standards.

As outlined in the Governor’s Executive Order released Monday, the competitive process to choose the state’s assessment will be based on the following assessment criteria:

  1. provides timely and informative reports of results;
  2. costs are in line with current assessment costs;
  3. testing time for students is not significantly different from current assessments;
  4. summative assessments occur as close as possible to the end of the school year;
  5. measures students mastery of the standards taught, including comparability to other states;
  6. includes test quality metrics that are as rigorous as current assessments;
  7. provides results that can be used in conjunction with Florida’s school accountability system;
  8. technology parameters are defined and can be supported, including appropriate accommodations for students

Read the full executive order.

Read the full letter to U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan re: PARCC .


– Melissa Sellers

Communications Director

Governor Rick Scott



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