Florida Governor Rick Scott Signs Bills that Push Back on Federal Intrusion into Our Public Schools and Further Ensures Local Control

Governor Rick Scott signed three bills today to ensure Florida’s control over education. This legislative package, CS/HB 864, CS/CS/SB 188, and HB 7031, reaffirms Governor Scott’s commitment to local control of our classrooms and a rejection of top-down, Washington, DC management of Florida schools.

  • CS/HB 864 provides that the district school board has the final responsibility for all instructional materials adopted by the district and utilized in the classroom. It requires districts to convene a public hearing to receive public comment on recommended instructional materials and requires districts to create policies that allow for parental objection to adopted materials.
  • CS/CS/SB 188 eliminates the collection of student biometric information by a school or school district. The bill also prohibits school districts and schools from using a student social security number to enroll a student in school. Schools will create a process for assigning random student identification numbers to replace a student’s social security number in the school system.
  • HB 7031 eliminates all references to the Common Core standards in Florida law.

Governor Scott said, “After an extensive listening tour, an education summit, and visiting with students, teachers, and administrators and parents across the state, I’m proud to sign these bills to make certain we have state and local control of our education in Florida.”

“I stood with Florida teachers, parents and students to leave the Common Core based PARCC testing system last September. The legislation I am signing today will set Florida students and families up for education success and prevent unnecessary collection of data from our students and reaffirm that Florida school boards will select the textbooks with historic opportunities for public input.

“We will continue to have the highest standards for Florida students because we know our students can compete with the best in the world and succeed.”

Florida’s teachers earned the top score for teacher quality in the U.S. for two years in a row. Florida’s students lead all other mega-states in achievement gains in 4th and 8th grade reading and math. Florida’s Hispanic students lead the nation in high school graduation rates and Florida was the only state in the nation to narrow the achievement gap between white and African American students at both grades 4 and 8 in both reading in math.


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