Florida unemployment drops fastest in the nation

State also credited with having “best strategy” for attracting international investment

Florida Unemployment Chart

Florida continues to see evidence that Governor Rick Scott’s strategy for growing private-sector jobs is the right direction for Florida’s economy.

Since December 2010, Florida’s unemployment rate has dropped 2.3 percentage points, more than any other state in the nation. At 8.8 percent in July 2012, the rate is down from 11.1 percent in December 2010 just before Governor Scott was inaugurated.

“Overall, Florida’s long-term trend is positive,” Governor Scott said. “Florida companies have added 130,300 more private sector jobs than we had in December 2010. We are focused on making Florida the best place to grow private-sector jobs.”

In addition, a London business magazine, fDi, this week named Florida as having the best strategy for promoting foreign investment. (See story here.) The magazine recognized Governor Scott’s proactive approach, as well as his persistent efforts to directly contact CEOs to encourage business investment in Florida. Governor Scott was also ranked fourth in overall rankings of the magazine’s inaugural Governor’s Award for 2012.

“As Governor, I’ve led six trade and business development missions with the single purpose of increasing Florida’s international investment and trade and getting Florida back on the right track,” Governor Scott said. “As more companies invest in Florida, there will be more jobs for Floridians.”


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