Gov. Rick Scott Highlights Importance of Manufacturing jobs During Workday at Goya

Underscores Importance of Eliminating Barriers to Build Up Florida Manufacturing Jobs

Two days after Governor Rick Scott announced his commitment to eliminating sales taxes for investments in manufacturing equipment, he spent his 15th “Let’s Get to Work Day” highlighting the importance of building up manufacturing jobs. Throughout his day at Goya, Governor Scott performed quality control, warehouse, truck loading and shelf-stocking duties that Goya employees perform on a daily basis.

Governor Rick Scott started the day at Goya Foods, rotating between job responsibilities and meeting with the employees, followed by a trip to a local Sedano’s Supermarket where he assisted in delivering and shelving Goya products.

“Manufacturing is an essential part of Florida’s economy and companies like Goya and Sedona’s Supermarkets play a vital role in building our economy,” said Governor Scott. “I have great respect for what our friends at Goya do and I look forward to the upcoming legislative session where we will build up Florida manufacturing, so that companies like Goya can grow and create more jobs for Florida families.”

“Goya is proud to host Governor Rick Scott at our Florida Distribution Center, the company’s largest distribution center in the country,” said Frank Unanue, president of Goya Foods of Florida. “Goya works toward being a successful job creator for Floridians, and we admire the Governor’s commitment to the growth of commerce in our state.’

This Spring, Governor Scott will propose to break down the barriers for Florida manufacturers by eliminating taxes on manufacturers for investing in machinery and equipment in Florida, to encourage expansion and job growth for companies like Goya.

Goya Foods provides consumers across the United States, the Caribbean and abroad with a large choice of Latino foods. In addition to new product development, the company has undergone the most extensive facilities expansion in its history, adding over one million square feet to its manufacturing and packaging capacity.

About Governor Scott’s “Let’s Get to Work Days”

In 2011 Governor Scott started working at jobs throughout the state to help promote key industries while gaining a better perspective on the lives of everyday Floridians. Floridians can suggest jobs for the Governor’s workdays by visiting and clicking on “’Let’s Get to Work Days’ or e-mailing Stay updated on the Governor’s ‘Let’s Get to Work’ Days by following him on Twitter and Facebook. Visit for more photos from Governor Scott’s Work Day.




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