Gov. Scott Applauds Rubio Resolution Condemning Venezuelan Regime

Today, Governor Rick Scott applauded members of the U.S. Senate for their resolution condemning the Venezuelan regime and calling for sanctions. Today’s action by the U.S. Senate comes on the heels of Governor Scott’s call for President Obama to immediately enact sanctions on Venezuelan government officials.

Governor Scott said, “The people of Venezuela – and their loved ones here in Florida – need to hear from our national leaders that Maduro’s crackdown on free speech and democratic rights is unacceptable. Thanks to the leadership of Senator Rubio, the U.S. Senate took much-needed steps in condemning the Venezuelan regime’s acts of repression and calling for sanctions targeting the government officials who are spearheading these acts. I hope President Obama hears the call of our Venezuelan community, as well as the U.S. Senate, and finally takes a stand against tyranny and oppression. He is long overdue in showing his support for the Venezuelan people and their God-given freedoms and liberties.”

The Governor’s February letter to the White House is available HERE.


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