Gov. Scott Ceremonially Signs HB 85 to Further Florida’s Public-Private Partnerships

Today, Governor Rick Scott ceremoniously signed House Bill 85, relating to public-private partnerships, alongside bill sponsors Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla and Representative Greg Steube; Miami Dade College President Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón; City of Miami Commission Chairman Marc Sarnoff; Latin Builders Association President Bernie Navarro; and Chairman of the Board of Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida Carlos Adavin,along with other community advocates.

Governor Scott said, “Since I took office, our mission has been to create a job for every Floridian that wants one. As of yesterday, we have created more than 333,000 private-sector jobs. The signing of this legislation further ensures that Florida is a pro-business state, and that we will not stop until every Florida family has the opportunity to live their version of the American dream.”

HB 85, relating to public-private partnerships, helps streamline the process to create private investment opportunities toward public projects. It also creates a commission that will establish consistent guidelines for public private partnership selection and review procedures.

In addition, it outlines financing provisions to allowing public entities to lend funds to private enterprises and to use federal loans and commercial loans.

“Governor Scott’s mission is to create a job for every Floridian who wants one. Our public-private partnership legislation will create even more job opportunities for families in Miami-Dade and all across Florida,” said Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla.

“I want to personally thank the Governor for his support of public-private partnerships in Florida. The signing of this bill will create jobs, encourage economic development and provide infrastructure to taxpayers at little or no taxpayer expense,” said Representative Greg Steube.

Marc Sarnoff, Chair of the Miami City Commission as well as the Chair of the OMNI Community Redevelopment agency said, “The OMNI Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Miami worked tirelessly to help make this legislation a reality. We are proud to stand alongside Governor Scott and Florida legislators in creating policies that will help to grow jobs in our community. The City of Miami will retain ownership of the Museum Park land. The Conservancy will be able to draw on dedicated private funds for the continued operation and maintenance of the park in conjunction with the City, while alleviating the budgetary strain on the City and the CRA. This will assure Museum Park will be a landmark urban oasis on Miami’s waterfront and central to the continuing and vibrant revitalization of the Downtown and OMNI areas.”

“Public-private partnerships are expected to create new jobs, and our students, whom we train vigorously to prepare for the workforce, will be ready to fill those needs. I look forward to working alongside Governor Scott to create and expand opportunities for our students and families,” said Miami Dade College President Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón.

“By increasing the public-private partnership opportunities in the state of Florida, Governor Scott is creating more job opportunities for Miami’s families, and families all across Florida. The Latin Builders Association (LBA) are proud to be part of this legislation and look forward to working with local businesses and officials to stimulate economic development,” said Bernie Navarro, President of the Latin Builders Association.

Carlos Adavin, Chairman of the Board of Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida said, “Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida worked for several years to get this bill passed. It’s a win-win situation for commercial contractors and local governments. We are proud to stand alongside Governor Scott in expanding our public-private partnerships.”


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