Gov. Scott: Highest Number of Prepaid Plans Sold Since 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. —Today Governor Scott released the following statement highlighting the more than 42,000 prepaid plans sold last year, which is the highest number since 2008.

Governor Scott said, “With more than 42,000 prepaid plans sold last year alone, the most since 2008, it’s clear that our effort to hold the line on tuition is working for our students and their families. When we held the line on tuition last year, the price of a prepaid plan dropped in half, and the results are clear: more families want their children to get a great, affordable education right here in Florida. To build on this success, we must continue to hold the line on college tuition, including at our graduate schools, as outlined in Senator Flores’ college affordability legislation (SB 938) this year. Continuing to hold the line on tuition will keep us on our path to be the global leader in job creation and ensure our students have access to a high quality and affordable higher education.”

Florida Prepaid Chairman Duane Ottenstroer said, “We could not be more pleased with these Open Enrollment numbers. Every plan sold represents an amazing opportunity being afforded to a young Floridian. These sales numbers mean that tens of thousands of young Floridians have been given the gift of a college education. We applaud Governor Scott’s commitment to making Florida the number one place for students to receive a great education at an affordable price.”



“More than 42,000 Florida college prepaid plans sold”

“More than 42,000 Florida college prepaid plans sold”
Orlando Sentinel
Gabrielle Russon
March 5, 2015
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With the open enrollment period ending last month, the Florida Prepaid College Board reported selling 42,158 prepaid college plans, more than triple the number from a year earlier.

The board has not sold more than 42,000 plans, which are designed to help families afford college for their children, since the 2007-2008 year, according to a news release Thursday sent out by the board.

Last year, the board said it sold 12,788 prepaid plans.

Some of the most popular preplans were cheaper from a year ago because of a new state law that is meant to control future fee increases at Florida’s public universities, the news release said.



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