Gov. Scott Issues Letter on Early Learning Funding Formula

Today, Governor Rick Scott issued the following letter to early learning stakeholders:

December 7, 2012

Roseann Fricks, Chair
Association of Early Leaning Coalitions
216 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Dear Ms. Fricks,

Thank you for your assistance in working with my staff in the Executive Office of the Governor on the funding formula for allocation of school readiness funds to the Early Learning Coalitions (ELC). As you know, a quality early learning system is critical to providing Florida children the tools they need to succeed – and we are committed to working with stakeholders in establishing a funding formula that best benefits Florida’s families. That’s why in an effort to provide stability and improve the Early Learning system, I have asked that the Office of Early Learning (OEL) implement the following directives:

  • Propose a funding formula for Fiscal Year 2013-14 that mirrors the formula that was implemented in July of the current year.
  • Utilize the next year to identify and establish a working group of stakeholders to include legislative members, OEL, ELC’s, provider groups, and local government entities. The working group will be expected to gather input and refine a funding formula to be reviewed by the Governor’s Office and the Legislature prior to the statutorily mandated submission on January 1, 2014 by Florida’s Office of Early Learning.

I recognize the importance of the current funding formula for communities in addressing the needs of early learning and school readiness for children. I also understand that this is an investment not only in Florida’s Early Learning Coalitions, but also to the businesses, communities and most importantly the families that participate in this program.

Your willingness to share your concerns in an open and transparent manner, and interest in the success of this program has been vital to the decision making process. Your involvement is not only welcomed, but vital both now and in the future.

I look forward to your ongoing participation.

Thank you,

Governor Rick Scott



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