Gov. Scott Opens Florida Pavilion at 50th Annual Paris Air Show

Pavilion showcases Florida-based aerospace and aviation companies to international audience

Today, Governor Rick Scott was joined by Frederico Curado, President and CEO of Embraer, Gary Spulak, President of Embraer Aircraft Holding, Inc., Gray Swoope, Secretary of Commerce, as well as leaders from Florida’s aviation and aerospace industries to open the Florida Pavilion at the 2013 International Paris Air Show. The 2013 Florida Pavilion is larger than any other state at the Air Show and one of the largest that Enterprise Florida has ever hosted.

Governor Scott said, “The International Paris Air Show brings together the largest collection of aviation and aerospace businesses from anywhere in the world. The Florida Pavilion is a great way for Florida’s industry-leading companies to exhibit their products and services to the world. It will also provide unmatched opportunities for our community leaders to meet with companies from around the world and share with them the many reasons they should be doing business in Florida.”

The collection of companies and organizations represented in the Florida Pavilion demonstrates the innovation and expertise that makes Florida an international leader in aerospace and aviation. In addition, the Pavilion allows small and mid-sized Florida companies to cost effectively market their products to a top-level international audience. Without the Florida Pavilion, many of the companies would not otherwise be able to participate due to costs of space.

Gray Swoope, Secretary of Commerce, who serves as president & CEO of Enterprise Florida said, “Missions led by Governor Scott, like this one to the Paris Air Show, allow Enterprise Florida to help small and medium-sized companies expand their businesses. Our International Trade & Development team does a great job of ensuring that each company has the tools they need to grow internationally. Companies have been attending the Paris Air Show with us for years because they cannot get this type of access to their international client base anywhere else in the world.”

Embraer is the sponsor of the 2013 Florida Pavilion. The Brazil-based aircraft manufacturer focused on commercial, defense, and executive aviation, expanded its operations in the state last year by adding a new research and development facility – The Embraer Engineering and Technology Center USA – in Melbourne.

Gary Spulak, President of Embraer Aircraft Holding, Inc. said, “Florida is a great place to do business. The ongoing support from Governor Scott and Enterprise Florida have been instrumental in Embraer’s recent growth and success in Florida, so we are delighted to support their efforts to tell others of the benefits of operating in Florida. We look forward to bringing more jobs and projects to Florida.”

“Since 2001 Loos & Co., Cableware Division has participated every year in foreign Aerospace Expos organized by Enterprise Florida. In the early days we had very little export business on the European Continent. But by participating in the venues offered to us by Enterprise Florida, little by little we were able to gain significant new distribution for our products. Having Governor Scott lead this year’s trip to the Air Show is incredibly beneficial and will help our company tremendously said Phillip R. Cox, Vice President / Sales and Marketing of Loos & Co., Inc. Cableware Division. “Today we enjoy selling our parts to five major European Aerospace distributors, as well as OEM placement of our parts with Airbus, Alenia, and others. We are a relatively small company with a diversified distribution base. Our European business is now a very significant portion of our overall business. Exhibiting our products as part of the Florida Pavilion has provided us an excellent value and the face to face exposure to new markets that otherwise we could not have afforded. We are looking forward to again being a part of the 2013 Florida Delegation at the Paris Air Show and we appreciate Governor Scott for leading this trip.”

Florida is home to more than 2,000 aerospace and aviation companies employing over 87,000 workers across the state. Governor Scott and Secretary Swoope, along with representatives from state economic development organizations, airports, and businesses, will dedicate their time at the show to promoting job growth and business development in the state’s aviation and aerospace industries.

The 16 companies and organizations participating in the 2013 show include:

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