Gov. Scott: Seniors Could Still See Cuts to Medicare Advantage

Today, Governor Rick Scott issued a statement following his meetings with Florida seniors in Miami and the Villages regarding the President’s cuts to Medicare Advantage.

Governor Scott said, “President Obama should listen to seniors I heard from today in Miami and the Villages, because his cuts to Medicare Advantage to pay for Obamacare are hurting them. This Monday, the Obama Administration said they saved seniors from cuts to Medicare Advantage. But Humana and other insurers say that new Medicare Advantage rates will be cut by at least 3 percent next year.

“This is on top of a 6 percent cut this year, which means our seniors could lose the doctors and plans they like and were told they could keep. The President has already used his executive authority to delay many parts of Obamacare; he should use his executive authority now to stop these cuts to Medicare Advantage.”


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