Governor Rick Scott Calls on President Obama to Join Florida in Reducing Taxes

Feb 3rd 2011; Tampa, Fla. Claiming that the tax burden placed on Floridians is hindering economic expansion and job growth, Governor Rick Scott called on President Obama and the federal government to join Florida in reducing taxes as he continued rolling out his budget proposals in Tampa today.

Governor Scott said current property taxes, the state business income tax, and the numerous taxes used to pay for the recently-ruled unconstitutional ObamaCare law are keeping Florida from becoming the number-one state in the country for job creation.

The Governor said he would send a balanced budget proposal to the Legislature that streamlines government, slashes wasteful spending and reduces the state’s tax burden. Governor Scott then called on President Obama and the federal government to do the same by repealing new taxes that were enacted to pay for ObamaCare that was ruled unconstitutional on Monday.

Governor Scott’s budget proposal would reduce the state business income tax from 5.5 percent to 3 percent in the first year and completely phase it out by 2018. His proposal would also reduce property taxes by over $1 billion.

“Here in Florida, we are doing what it takes to reduce costly taxes, and today I call on President Obama and the federal government to do the same by immediately repealing the tax increases that were passed to pay for ObamaCare,” said Governor Scott.

Scott said his proposed tax cuts make sense because government must get back to its core functions.

“Whether it’s property taxes, the business income tax, or President Obama’s taxes, it’s time to relieve the financial burden on Floridians and make sure we are not wasting taxpayer dollars,” said Governor Scott.

Scott said he will formally announce his complete budget proposal on Monday, February 7th and said it would represent the pledges he made to reduce spending and taxes during the campaign.

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