Governor Rick Scott: Florida Debt at Lowest Level Since 2007

Governor Rick Scott announced today that Florida’s debt outstanding was paid down by another $400 million this year, bringing Florida’s state debt down to its lowest level since 2007. Since 2010, Florida’s outstanding state debt has been cut by over $4 billion, from $28.2 billion to $24.2 billion. During the four years prior to fiscal 2010 state debt increased by $5.2 billion from $23 billion to $28.2 billion.

Governor Rick Scott, “During the last few years, Florida’s economy has experienced a tremendous turnaround. By focusing on paying down debt, cutting taxes and eliminating burdensome regulation, we’ve created an environment where Florida’s private sector can grow. Since 2010, Florida has paid down $4 billion in state debt, Florida businesses have created over 640,000 jobs and we have cut taxes over forty times. I am proud of the work we have accomplished, but we must remain focused on fiscal responsibility and job creation in the Sunshine State.”



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