Governor Rick Scott Highlights $2,500 Teacher Pay Raise

Today, Governor Rick Scott highlighted his proposed $2,500 pay raise for teachers, and an increase in K-12 education funding, in his upcoming state budget proposal at Twin Lakes Elementary.

Governor Scott said, “I was happy to be joined in Tampa today by dedicated educators to help highlight my plan to give every full-time classroom teacher in Florida a $2,500 raise. Investing in Florida’s teachers is important to our children’s future and I ask the Florida Legislature to join me in supporting my proposed budget, which will include $480 million in funding to support these raises.

“I am focused on the fact that our teachers have done a great job. By 2014, Florida teachers will be a part of our performance pay structure that will help attract and advance the most high-performing teachers in our education system. We believe in teacher accountability and we know our teachers do too. With the new performance system in place, now is the time to increase our investment in Florida’s teachers with an across the board raise.”

Senator David Simmons said, “It’s important to support our teachers who have the responsibility of preparing our students to enter the workforce or college when they graduate. It’s refreshing to see Governor Scott submitting a proposal that reflects the hard work these educators put in day in and day out.”

Hillsborough County Public Schools Superintendent MaryEllen Elia said,”This is great news for teachers. Educators have faced some very difficult budget years, and still we have had tremendous results in the classroom. That absolutely should be rewarded.”

Executive Director at Science Center of Pinellas County Inc.,Joseph Cuencosaid “I applaud Governor Scott for his support of Florida’s teachers, demonstrated by his teacher pay raise initiative, and their efforts to ensure every student in Florida is prepared for college and/or a career. Teachers are one of our most valuable occupations that have the ability to positively impact our children.”

President/CEO Upper Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce Jerry Custin said, “I applaud the Governor for taking action on this key issue and doing so in a responsible manner – taking advantage of a surplus budget. There is little doubt that Florida must have a well prepared workforce to compete for today’s and tomorrow’s job market. That process starts with our educators. Increased compensation combined with a more realistic evaluation system is a great start.”

The Governor announced yesterday in Orlando his plan to give Florida teachers a pay raise.


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