Governor Rick Scott Highlights $41 Million Investment to Expand NW 57th Avenue in Miami

Today, Governor Rick Scott highlighted a $41 million investment to expand NW 57th Avenue in Miami. The project includes adding one lane in each direction along the project corridor to ease traffic flow, raised medians for safety and a water main for increased drainage and sustainability. Construction on the NW 57th Avenue Project began in January and goes from West 53 Street to West 84 Street in Miami-Dade County.

Governor Scott said, “The NW 57th Avenue project demonstrates our commitment to making Florida the best state for our families, businesses and visitors and highlights the benefit major infrastructure investments can have on our economy. Enhancing NW 57th Avenue will reduce congestion and make travel safer on one of Miami’s busiest roadways. We will continue to make smart investments in our roads, bridges and ports as we make Florida the global destination for job creation.”

With about 32,500 cars driving on the project area of NW 57th Avenue on an average day, one of the major improvements that will result from this project is the widening of the roadway to provide additional travel lanes. Along with reducing congestion, several raised medians will be added along the project corridor to enhance safety.

FDOT began a full reconstruction on NW 57 Avenue/West 4 Avenue/Red Road in January 2015. This project will mark the conclusion of the six-segmented NW 57 Avenue Project.

Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jim Boxold said, “Governor Scott continues to demonstrate the importance of strategic transportation investments in creating opportunities for Florida families. Florida is now the state with the third largest population in the country and transportation projects, like NW 57th Avenue, make it easier and safer for people to travel in our state.”

Florida Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla said, “The $41 million dollar investment is invaluable to the future of transportation in this area. This project will provide short – and long-term benefits to local residents and businesses, and we thank Governor Scott for making this roadway expansion a reality.”

Florida Senator Rene Garcia said, “Along with the members of this community, I want to thank Governor Scott for his vision and dedication to South Florida. Transportation projects such as this one will have a positive impact on local residents and businesses.”

Florida Senator Anitere Flores said, “Governor Scott proves that job creation and economic growth are a result of strategic investments. This project not only showcases the critical role investments in infrastructure play in the future of our transportation system, but it also shows that efficient and reliable roadways are vital in stimulating the state’s economy.

Florida Representative Bryan Avila said, “An investment in transportation infrastructure is an investment in our future. Governor Scott understands the key role these projects have in the economic growth and viability of Florida’s economy.”

Florida Representative Jeanette Nunez said, “Whether people are traveling for business or leisure, we want them to feel safe when using our roads. This $41 million investment makes safety enhancements along the project area for both commuters and pedestrians. I thank Governor Scott for putting Florida families first.”

Florida Representative Frank Artiles said, “This project is critical to the economic viability of the City of Hialeah. I want to thank Governor Scott for his commitment to this community and for understanding how valuable this project will be to the people who travel in this area every day.”

Florida Representative Manny Diaz said, “The NW 57th Avenue project represents a long-term investment in this community. It is a major corridor for the movement of goods and services and I commend Governor Scott for supporting growth and progress in the local community today and well into the future.”


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