Governor Rick Scott Honors Florida Firefighters

During a Florida Cabinet meeting today, Governor Rick Scott, along with Cabinet members, passed a resolution to create a Florida Firefighters Memorial at the Florida State Capitol Building. The memorial will be a place for all visitors to the state capitol to visit and honor firefighters who have given their lives to help protect the Floridians they serve.

Governor Rick Scott said, “Florida firefighters put their lives on the line every day to protect Florida families and their property. I am happy today to join the Florida Cabinet in designating a place for all Floridians to recognize and remember the sacrifice that Florida’s fallen fighter fighters have given. As we honor those gave the ultimate sacrifice today, we also look forward with new legislation that aims to give the fire fighting community the tools they need to keep Floridians safe.”

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater said, “I want to thank all those who cooperated in developing this important piece of legislation and the support of the Legislature and the Governor’s Office as it moved through the process. SB 1410 is a complex and comprehensive measure that required the collaboration of many parties. This bill will provide the fire fighting community relief from outmoded structural impediments and increase the efficiency of their operations. Those who so willingly put themselves at risk for us on a daily basis deserve no less.”

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi said, “I am proud of Florida’s brave firefighters, and the Florida Firefighters Memorial will be a permanent remembrance at our state Capitol for people to pay their respects to those who sacrificed their lives for the safety of others.”

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam said, “The firefighters of Florida are truly selfless public servants who put their lives on the line to save the homes, the businesses and, most importantly, the lives of others. We cannot thank them enough for their service and sacrifice, but this new firefighter memorial will be a fitting tribute to the heroes we’ve lost.”

Additionally, after the Cabinet meeting, Governor Scott signed SB 1410, which will give the Florida Chief Fire Marshall more authority to protect lives and property. This legislation updates continuing education requirements for fire safety inspectors, gives firefighters and volunteer firefighters more options for retaining certifications and updates old statute regarding the State Fire Marshall.

Senator David Simmons said, “Today’s bill signing is a great step forward in keeping Florida families safe. I applaud Governor Scott and everyone in the fire fighting community for helping with this great legislation and for putting the safety of Florida citizens first.”

Representative Jim Boyd said, “I am happy to stand with Governor Scott and the fire fighting community today as we honor those who have given their lives to protect the families of our state. SB 1410 will help ensure that fire fighters across Florida have the tools they need to continue to serve the Sunshine State.”

Legislatie Affiars Director and President-Elect of the Florida Professional Firefighters Association said, “Florida’s professional firefighters would like to thank Representative Boyd and Senator Simmons for sponsoring this fire safety bill. We thank Governor Scott for signing this bill into law providing increased safety to the public as well as our firefighters. SB 1410 becoming law, corrects a glitch in the continued certification of our knowledgeable and experienced retired firefighters. These retired firefighters assist in the education of students in fire academies and colleges.”


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