Governor Rick Scott Hopes White House Meeting Will Address Serious “Navigator” Security Concerns

Just two days after Governor Rick Scott wrote to Congressional leaders, urging them to take immediate action to address the security concerns surrounding the President’s new healthcare law’s “navigators” and the creation of a “federal data hub,” the White House announced today that officials are meeting with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Attorney General Eric Holder to discuss protecting Americans’ personal data.The Governor’s Monday letter to Congress.

Governor Rick Scott said, “I’m glad to see the White House turning its attention to the security needs of the ‘navigators’ and the ‘federal data hub’ being created under the President’s new healthcare law. Florida has become ‘ground zero’ for the frenzy of activity to sign people up for the federal insurance exchange, which opens October 1st. Whenever the federal government forces a brand new program this big to move this fast, mistakes are made – just as we saw last week in Minnesota. In Minnesota, the personal information of more than 2,000 Americans was accidentally released to someone who was signing up to be a ‘navigator.’

“Unfortunately, with the federal exchange set to open in just a few weeks, many questions about ‘navigators’ and the ‘federal data hub’ remain unanswered. If the ‘navigators’ collect personal data, will they destroy all the documents containing confidential application information? If they transmit personal data through the ‘federal data hub,’ how many people will need to process it inside that system? If someone is not eligible to sign up, do they get their confidential information returned to them? And, what new safeguards will be put in place to ensure what happened in Minnesota last week never happens again? Hopefully the White House meeting today will produce answers to these important questions that affect the security of millions of Americans.”


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