Governor Rick Scott Signs 34 Bills into Law Today

Governor Rick Scott signed the following bills into law today:

HB 77 Landlords & Tenants – This bill makes numerous changes to the “Florida Residential Landlord and Tenant Act” which governs the relationship between landlords and tenants under a residential rental agreement.

HB 87 Mortgage ForeclosuresView the transmittal letter for HB 87.

SB 160 Licensure Fee Exemptions for Military Veterans – This bill waives the initial application fee, initial licensing fee, and the initial unlicensed activity fee for veterans who apply to the Department of Health for licensure.

HB 171 Disposition of Human Remains This bill revises the procedures for the reporting, distribution, retention, and cremation of human remains for medical education and research.

HB 217 Money Service Businesses – This bill allows for the solicitation of a statewide, real time, on-line check cashing database.

SB 282 Consumer Finance Charges – This bill changes the principal amount subject to the maximum amount of interest that is allowed to be charged for consumer finance loans up to $25,000 and changes the amount that can be charged to a borrower for making a payment that is in default for at least 10 days.

SB 356 Mutual Insurance Corporations – This bill authorizes a mutual insurance company to transact financial guaranty insurance and permits a mutual insurance holding company to acquire a not-for-profit insurance company or nonprofit health care plan through the merger with a mutual insurance company’s subsidiary or intermediate holding company.

HB 383 Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact – This bill enacts the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact to enhance the speed to market of life insurance, annuity, and disability income insurance products while maintaining Florida’s important consumer protections.

SB 390 Veterans’ Organizations – This bill prohibits businesses from misrepresenting themselves as veterans’ organizations.

SB 398 Physician Assistants – This bill clarifies existing law which allows a supervising physician to delegate to a physician assistant authority to order medications, including controlled substances, for patients in hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers and mobile surgical facilities.

SB 520 Emergency Medical Services – This bill updates Florida’s emergency medical technician (EMT) and paramedic training standards to reflect the new national standards released by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

HB 553 Workers’ Compensation System Administration – This bill enhances the administration of Florida’s workers compensation system by eliminating or amending various outdated, duplicative, or otherwise inefficient statues, rules or processes.

SB 558 Letters of Credit Issued by a Federal Home Loan Bank – This bill

enables qualified public depositories to continue using Federal Home Loan Bank letters of credit as eligible collateral as long as their obligations are rated at or above the United States credit rating.

SB 604 Practitioners – This bill directs certain fees collected by the Department of Health for examination, certification and recertification of emergency medical technicians and paramedics to be deposited into the Medical Quality Assurance Trust Fund.

HB 633 Biodiesel Fuel – This bill creates an exemption from certain burdensome reporting, bonding, and licensing requirements for municipalities, counties, and school districts that manufacture biodiesel solely for their own use.

HB 649 Public Records/Proprietary Confidential Business Information – This bill creates a public records exemption for proprietary confidential business information held by an electric utility in conjunction with the review of certain energy projects.

SB 662 Workers’ Compensation – This bill changes provisions related to the amount of service fees that may be charged for repackaged drugs through Florida’s workers’ compensation laws.

HB 667 Real Estate Brokers & Appraisers – This bill amends Chapter 475, F.S., related to appraisers in order to comply with policies adopted by the federal oversight board.

HB 695 Tied House Regulation – This bill prohibits malt beverage coupons that are redeemable by the retailer.

HB 713 Water Quality Credit Trading This bill expands statewide the water quality credit trading pilot program currently authorized for the Lower St. Johns River basin and authorizes the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to approve water quality credit trading in adopted basin management action plans, as well as certain pollution control programs.

HB 795 Premises Inspection – This bill changes the inspection frequency for public food service establishments from twice a year to a risk-based frequency requiring from one to four inspections annually.

HB 837 Tax Deeds – This bill allows tax collectors to recover costs for providing online tax deed application services, rather than in-person application services.

HB 913 Holocaust Victims Assistance Act – This bill permits the Department of Financial Services to assist Holocaust survivors in seeking restitution.

HB 939 Medicaid Recoveries – This bill enhances statutory provisions relating to Medicaid fraud and abuse and increases provider accountability and controls in the Medicaid program.

SB 964 Termination of Parental Rights – This bill allows that a person’s parental rights may be terminated in cases of sexual battery.

HB 1093 Volunteer Health Treatment – This bill revises contractual requirements between health care providers and governmental contractors relating to patient referrals.

SB 1094 Home Health Agencies – This bill changes the fine issued by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) for home health agencies that fail to submit timely quarterly reports.

SB 1122 Florida Fire Prevention Code – This bill exempts fire officials from enforcing firewall separation ratings for certain retail or business occupancies as defined in the Florida Building Code and exempts certain structures used in farming and ranching operations from the Florida Fire Prevention Code.

HB 1145 State-owned or State-leased Space – This bill addresses various inventory, sales, lease, and reporting requirements applicable to state-owned and state-leased property.

HB 1159 Health Care – This bill makes changes to licensure and regulatory requirements for certain types of health care facilities.

HB 1309 Procurement of Commodities & Contractual Services – This bill makes revisions to provisions governing state agency procurement and contracting and requires all state agency and local government contracts for services.

SB 1594 Guaranteed Energy, Water, & Wastewater Performance Savings Contracting Act – This bill makes changes to the Guaranteed Energy, Water, and Wastewater Performance Savings Contracting Act including expanding the organizations that may participate to include educational institutions.

HB 7135 Pub. Rec./Money Service Businesses – This bill allows a public records exemption for records held by the Office of Financial Regulation related to payment instrument transaction payments.

HB 7157 Ratification of Rules Implementing Total Maximum Daily Loads for Impaired Water Bodies This bill provides for the legislative ratification of identified rules establishing total maximum daily loads by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for certain impaired water bodies in the state.

View the transmittal letter for all other House Bills filed today.

View the transmittal letter for all Senate Bills filed today.


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