Governor Rick Scott Signs “Exceptional Student Education” Legislation

Today, Governor Rick Scott signed SB 1108 which allows parents of students with disabilities to have an active role in meetings, including those about the decisions regarding assessment and placement of their child.

Governor Scott said, “As a father and a grandfather, I know how important it is to make sure parents play a major role in the education of their children. This bill will ensure that parents have an active role regarding their child’s education and will improve education for Florida students.”

Senator Andy Gardiner said, “I applaud Governor Scott for signing this legislation today. Senate Bill 1108 gives children with unique abilities the opportunities they deserve to succeed in life. The heart of this legislation is the ability to give parents more empowerment when it comes to the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process.”

Senator John Thrasher, prime co-sponsor of the measure, said, “This bill reflects the Governor’s and Legislature’s commitment to providing parents with the means and opportunity to play a leading role in their child’s education.”

Representative Jason Brodeur said, “Protecting the rights of parents and students is an initiative supported by all members of the Legislature and the Governor. This bill will ensure parents are able to make the best decision for their children.



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