Governor Rick Scott Speaks to Board of Governors, Stresses Importance of Value in Higher Education

Today, Governor Rick Scott addressed the Board of Governors, underscoring the importance of working together to increase affordability and results in higher education.

Governor Rick Scott said, “Our mission is simple – improve the value of higher education for Floridians. I know that every person in this room today is here because you not only believe in improving the current higher education system, you are also willing to dedicate your own time and energy to seeing improvements accomplished.

“The work you do in higher education will influence the future of Floridians for generations to come. One of the things I love about the education system at any level is that it is so closely connected with the dreams of a person. Dream jobs usually start with education goals. That is why we are all here today.

“Specifically, we are collectively focused on driving results around three key measurements: first, the percent of graduates who either get a job or further their education; second, the average wage of graduates; and third, the cost of a degree per graduate. It is important to note that further improvement along these three measurements will only strengthen previous successes.

“There are two key factors that make up the value of a higher education degree – affordability and results. To have a great value you need both. We need to keep costs low for students and parents, while ensuring schools give students the best possible preparation to continue their studies or start a career. Families work hard, prioritize, and cut costs to make ends meet. All aspects of government that run on taxpayer dollars should do the same.

“Ultimately, we want the degrees that our universities provide to directly support students in pursuing the career of their dreams. Today, students compete for jobs with people from all over the world. This is a global economy and a great education can make the difference, not only in salary, but often times in whether you can get a certain job at all.

“I look forward to working with all of you in the months ahead as we create a higher education system with the most value in the country. Together, I know we can increase affordability and results for students and parents.”


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