Governor Rick Scott to Pennsylvania Job Creators: I’ll See You in February

Today, Governor Rick Scott announced that he will lead a business development mission to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in late February to meet with job creators and business leaders to discuss why they should move their business to Florida and buy a one-way ticket to the Sunshine State. Accompanying Governor Scott on the economic development mission will be leadership from Enterprise Florida, VISIT FLORIDA, the Department of Economic Opportunity, and the Department of Education.

Governor Scott said, “Our goal is to make Florida the number one destination in the world for jobs. I am leading a delegation to Philadelphia to send a message to all Pennsylvania job creators and families that we want you to keep more of the money you make because we understand it’s your money.

“Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed tax increases and mandates on businesses will no doubt be heavy blows to Pennsylvania families. In contrast, Florida is working to become even more business friendly.”

While Florida has no individual income tax, Pennsylvania’s is 3.07 percent, and Governor Tom Wolf wants to raise it even higher. Additionally, Pennsylvania’s corporate income tax is nearly double Florida’s. Pennsylvania also has taxes on inheritance and capital stock, neither of which exists in Florida. Overall, Florida’s business climate is ranked 5th, while Pennsylvania is ranked 24th by the Tax Foundation.

Florida’s debt has dropped $4 billion since 2010. Florida has a better bond rating according to all three top bond rating agencies, and has less debt per capita than Pennsylvania.

Secretary of Commerce and EFI president and CEO Gray Swoope said, “Florida’s business-friendly environment and policies provides a perfect location for job creators and workers. Enterprise Florida works every day to promote the state’s preeminence in business and to demonstrate that it is a great place where people can find a great job and raise a family.”

Will Seccombe, President and CEO of VISIT FLORIDA said, “Florida is among the top travel destinations in the world and has the perfect climate for families and job creators. I would like to thank Governor Scott for leading this delegation in February and for making Florida’s tourism industry a top priority.”

Jesse Panuccio, Executive Director of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, said, “Florida has had a nation-leading economic turnaround—and the reason is because we have economic policies that support the growth of businesses and opportunities for families. Governor Scott is taking that message to Pennsylvanians: come to Florida and your hard work will be celebrated and rewarded. Recruitment efforts like February’s business development mission play an important role in continuing Florida’s economic momentum.”

Commissioner Pam Stewart, Florida’s Education Commissioner, said, “Florida’s education system is world-class and a major reason why people across the country are choosing to move to our state. We look forward to sharing our success story with Pennsylvania businesses as we work to make Florida the best state in the nation to a great job and a great education.”


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