Governor Rick Scott Welcomes New 7th S.F. Battalion To Eglin Air Force Base

Governor Rick ScottGovernor Rick Scott today welcomed the fourth and final Battalion of the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) to Eglin Air Force Base and participated in their official activation ceremony.

“Today, I was honored to help activate a new battalion in one of the most fearless groups there is – the 7th Special Forces Group out of Eglin Air Force Base,” said Governor Scott. “The 7th Special Forces Group is a highly trained, extremely fit, and culturally diverse fighting unit. There will be eighteen deployable teams of this newest battalion and many of them will soon be deployed to defend our freedom in Afghanistan, and Central and South America – and beyond.

“All service comes with sacrifice, not only for members of the military, but also for their families. There is a level of risk that demands fearlessness in order to achieve victory. On behalf of a grateful state and a grateful nation, we salute and welcome the newest 7th Special Forces Battalion.”

The 7th Special Forces Group has a long and proud history of performing five doctrinal missions: foreign internal defense, unconventional warfare, special reconnaissance, direct action and combating terrorism throughout the world, as well as helping with humanitarian and civic projects. On any given day, between 300 – 1,300 7th Group Soldiers are deployed to countries throughout Central and South America as well as Iraq and Afghanistan.


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