Governor Rick Scott’s Budget Proposal will Grow Jobs by Streamlining Government, Reducing Burdensome Regulations and Return Government to Its Core Mission

1/31/2011 The Villages, Fla. – Governor Rick Scott announced a plan to grow jobs by streamlining government, reducing burdensome regulations, and returning government to its core mission during a major budget announcement at The Villages today.

Governor Scott unveiled a budget proposal that would save taxpayers $1 billion over two years through operational efficiencies, consolidation and reorganization of government functions, and by eliminating programs that are not part of government’s key mission.

As part of his proposal to consolidate and streamline government, the Governor announced his decision to realign the regulatory functions of the Department of Community Affairs with similar functions at other agencies.

“The fact is that Florida burdens job creation with one of the worst regulatory frameworks in the country,” said Governor Scott. “To grow jobs we must reduce unnecessary costs that government places on Florida businesses.”

Governor Scott noted his proposal would also consolidate the licensing and regulation of drugs, devices and cosmetics from the Department of Health to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

The Governor also announced his intention to consolidate tax collection functions by transferring alcohol and beverage tax collection and auditing from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to the Department of Revenue, which currently serves as the state’s tax collection arm.

“Reducing the size of government and eliminating bureaucracy will reduce the regulatory burden in the state, spur economic development and get Floridians back to work.”

Governor Scott will send his full budget proposals to the legislature on Monday, February 7th.

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