Governor Rick Scott’s Guiding Principles


1. Streamlining business permitting and eliminating burdensome rules and regulations
2. Providing tax relief and reform for Florida’s working families and businesses
3. Reforming Florida’s unemployment system to create a reemployment system
4. Restoring accountability and credibility to Florida’s Workforce Boards
5. Prioritizing vital transportation projects to facilitate economic development opportunities
6. Offering stability to Florida businesses by balancing the budget without raising taxes
7. Prioritizing science, technology, engineering and mathematics in education

Key Initiatives
• Require unemployment recipients who fail basic job skills testing to enter a workforce training program to learn those basic skills in order to continue receiving benefits
• Reprioritizing state transportation projects to focus on those projects that would, over the short and long term, help to create the most number of jobs
• Reduce business taxes by exempting small businesses from paying the Tangible Personal Property Tax on up to $50,000 in equipment, eliminating approximately half of all businesses
• Continue to eliminate over 1,000 state rules and regulations that stifle business growth and job creation
• Clean up irresponsible spending and remove problem board members at Florida Workforce Boards


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