Governor Rick Scott’s Statement on University Tuition Action

Following the news that the Florida State University and the University of Florida’s Boards of Trustees voted to increase tuition on Florida students, Governor Rick Scott made the following statement:

Governor Scott said, “I applaud University of South Florida President Judy Genshaft and USF’s Board of Trustees for holding the line on tuition and ensuring students and families do not face increased costs. I have consistently fought tuition increases. Raising tuition is a tax on Florida families. While USF, one of Florida’s leading research universities, boldly held the line on tuition yesterday, the University of Florida and Florida State University’s Boards of Trustees increased tuition for Florida students today.

“For many students, an increase in tuition means an increase in the debt burden they will carry. This increase comes at a time when interest rates on student loans are scheduled to double next month.

“I would like to thank several FSU trustee members including Student Government Association President Rosalia Contreras, Joseph Gruters, Emily Fleming Duda and Brent Sembler for taking a stand against raising tuition on Florida families. While their efforts did not prevail, I appreciate them joining the fight to keep tuition low for Florida families, while ensuring strong, job-generating academic programs at our state’s universities.

“As I have said, higher education is one of the best ways we can prepare Floridians to get a great job and one of the best ways families can live the American Dream.

“Florida should be proud that we have one of the most affordable, high-quality college and university systems in the country and it is imperative that the cost of higher education remains affordable and accessible to as many Floridians as possible. Each of our state’s universities have nationally recognized academic programs that we can all be proud of, while keeping tuition below the national average. That is not a trend we should reverse. We must continue to provide Florida students with value in their education system, and I do not agree with any tuition increase on Florida families. I want to be clear that I will veto any tuition increase passed by the Legislature again next year.”


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