County receives Defense Reinvestment Grant

Today, Governor Rick Scott announced that Miami-Dade County was awarded $80,000 through Florida’s Defense Reinvestment Grant Program. The funding will support community relationships with Homestead Air Reserve Base and United States Southern Command.

Governor Scott said, “I am deeply appreciative to Florida’s service men and women, like those at the Homestead Air Reserve Base, as well as all of our veterans and military families for their sacrifices and dedication. We must continue to support our military installations through Florida’s Reinvestment Grant Program, and with the $80,000 awarded to installations in Miami-Dade County.”

For more than 15 years the defense grants have been successful tools in assisting local defense partners in supporting the State’s military installations. Florida’s military and defense sector is responsible for 9.4 percent – or $73.4 billion – of the Sunshine State’s economy. This translates to 758,112 statewide direct and indirect jobs.

Senator Rene Garcia said, “All military installations across the State of Florida serve as vital components to our community. It is important to support Florida’s service men and women. In funding the Military Miami-Dade program, we are showing support and we are able to sustain military missions throughout Florida. It makes me very proud to see Miami Dade County awarded funding this year.”

Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla said, “Florida’s military assets are an important component of our state’s economic strength. This grant will ensure that soldiers in our community receive valuable training and resources. I thank Governor Scott and my colleagues in the Legislature for continuing to fund this important program.”

Senator Anitere Flores said, “This grant funding is so important to Miami-Dade County and our state overall. In our region, more than 50,000 jobs depend on the state’s military sector and this grant will help protect those jobs. My thanks to Governor Scott for awarding these funds.”

Representative Jose Oliva said, “It’s important that we highlight the Miami-Dade defense industry. Florida is home to a large number of military installations and I appreciate the state’s funding to make these installations better for the men and women who serve our country. The military industry has a huge impact on Florida’s economy and Miami-Dade’s military communities deserve the grants provided to them today.”
Representative Eddy Gonzalez said, “I want to thank Governor Scott and the Legislature for recognizing the importance of Florida’s military communities. This funding is vital to continuing our grant programs and supporting our soldiers.”

Representative Erik Fresen said, “This $80,000 Defense Reinvestment Grant will help several of our local military bases remain active and integral to Florida’s military efforts. I applaud Governor Scott and the Legislature for addressing this need.”

Representative Jeanette Nuñez said, “We are thankful the Beacon Council will be receiving an $80,000 Defense Reinvestment Grant from the State. The funds will be used to support the local military installation and maximize its positive impact on the local economy.”

Representative Michael Bileca said, “I am grateful for the Florida Defense Grant that was awarded to Miami-Dade County in the amount of $80,000. The Beacon Council has contracted with the Miami-Dade Defense Alliance to administer the funds that will support community relations with United States Southern Command and Homestead Air Reserve Base.”

Representative Carlos Trujillo said, “Florida’s military installations are vital to Florida in so many ways, from defending our citizens to billions in economic impact. This $80,000 Defense Reinvestment Grant will support our local military installations and I thank the Governor for granting the Miami-Dade community this award.”

Representative Jose Felix Diaz said, “I appreciate the $80,000 Defense Reinvestment Grant that was awarded to the Beacon Council to support our local military installations and the host community. Our partnership with the State is critical in maintaining the $5.1 billion economic impact of the defense industry in Miami.”

Representative Manny Diaz, Jr. said, “Military funding is incredibly important to Miami-Dade County. This funding will allow for much-needed protection and expansion of the base, and help to secure the thousands of jobs dependent on the installation. I thank Governor Scott for continuing to fund these important programs.”

Representative Frank Artiles said, “As a veteran, I know the impact our military installations and personnel have on our state is huge. More than 750,000 military staff members live in Florida and more than $73 billion is poured into our economy thanks to the military. I’m so thankful to Governor Scott and the Legislature for including Miami-Dade in these awards.”

“The Florida Defense Grants Programs are vital for our military and defense industry, and strengthen Florida’s workforce through the highly skilled former military personnel who enter the employment market each year. I am proud to play a part in supporting our military installations and communities, and appreciate what our service men and women do to protect our state,” said Gray Swoope, Florida Secretary of Commerce and President & CEO of Enterprise Florida.

A combined $2,450,000 was awarded to 14 communities in the state, helping to protect and improve 19 installations, and furthering Florida’s reputation as the most military friendly state in the nation.

Miami-Dade County was one of twelve counties to receive a Defense Reinvestment Grant, which is designed to support relationships between military installations and their community. The award to the Beacon Council will help to protect Florida’s military installations, as well as promote economic diversification strategies in defense dependent communities.

“We are very pleased to be the recipient of an FY 2014-15 Defense Reinvestment Grant,” said The Beacon Council President & CEO Larry K. Williams. “These funds support Miami-Dade County’s efforts to retain and expand our defense industries and to participate with Florida’s defense communities to protect one of the State’s primary economic drivers.”

The 2014-15 Defense Grants were awarded to defense partners in the following counties: Polk, Brevard (2), Duval (2), Santa Rosa (2), Okaloosa (2), Clay (2), Pinellas, Escambia (2), Orange (2), Bay (2), Miami-Dade, Hillsborough, Walton and Highlands.

The Florida Defense Grants Programs are administered by Enterprise Florida, Inc. The grants are awarded annually through a competitive process to communities hosting military installations.


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