Governor Scott Announces Plan to Boost Job Creation by Streamlining Economic Development Efforts

Jan 27th 2011; Tallahassee, Fla.Governor Rick Scott unveiled his plan to streamline government, eliminate wasteful inefficiencies and grow Florida’s economy by consolidating the state’s economic development functions during a speech to business leaders with Enterprise Florida, today.

Scott said that the creation of an economic development department would consolidate all economic development, workforce training and community development functions currently spread across the government into a single department.

Scott also noted that his new department would help facilitate the creation of 700,000 jobs in seven years by maintaining the Enterprise Florida public/private partnership, eliminating duplication, streamlining the processes and allowing each function to play to its strengths while more strongly aligning other public/private partnerships in the state with the governor’s office.

“To grow Florida jobs, we will consolidate our state’s economic development programs under one roof and make our efforts more efficient,” said Governor Scott.

Scott said his plan would create a globally competitive, market-based approach to economic development that has the flexibility to implement strategies that grow today’s businesses, creates new jobs, diversifies the economy, takes full advantage of opportunities created by developing markets, and effectively responds to the changing needs of the businesses that grow our economy.

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